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Moby Stretchy Wrap Sling

A stretchy wrap sling is a must for an EC'd baby in my opinion!  It holds them close so you can tune in very easily to their needs, and being stretchy, its simple to pop them in and out for a wee or a change.  With a young baby you can put a muslin inside the sling to catch in case you miss any.



Burnt Sienna version of the Moby Stretchy Wrap, its a lovely warm colour - the photo doesn't do it justice.

100% cotton



Baby Patapum

Excellent structured carrier to put baby on the front or the back.  Padded straps for comfort.  Has a soft, removeable mesh section to hold their head safely.

Recommended for babies who can hold their head up well and sit up alone.

100% cotton, machine washable.


Toddler Patapum

Similar to the Baby Patapum, the Toddler version has a larger panel for older babies and toddlers.  Its also the best version for taller parents as the baby version may be too short.

Email me if you'd like advice.

The carrier is safety tested to a weight of 28kg.


Child's Beco Mini Carrier

My daughter has one of these slings and she thinks its the bee's knees.  She loves to carry her soft dog in it - on her back or front. 

It works like most structured carriers with a clip round the waist and 2 clips round the middle holding the straps.  It is not suitable for a real baby though!



Mini Moby

Great copy of the Moby wrap for those of you with older children who want to be like Mummy.  Its perfect to wrap up and carry their favourite toy or doll - but not suitable for a real baby.