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Welcome to Natural Mother 

Natural Mother came into being in the hope of eventually providing a one-stop shop for all things Attachment Parenting.  There is some great help and information out there, but when I was looking for advice and help with Elimination Communication (EC), I found it hard work trawling through trying to find it.  As a nation we are not really attuned to Attachment Parenting - not yet anyway!  And being in the UK and trying EC I found there isn’t any appropriate clothing available locally - either easy to remove for toiletting or to fit babies in undies...  not to mention fitting over washable nappies.

So I thought I'd try to bring it all together and, I hope, so far, I've gone some way to achieving that. 

Please email me your comments or suggestions or anything else you would like to see; I do like to keep improving!


Us on holiday in Spain
About 10 months

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