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*Please note* :  Natural Mother is unable to produce clothing articles at present.  Items from third parties (eg Bright Bots and Becopotties) are still available.  Please write if you are interested in these products as they will be on the production line again soon!



Absorbent Tiny Underwear
Girls' underwear carefully designed and home made to fit your baby like normal underwear, but with an absorbent towelling gusset section for any accidents

Also available with a PUL layer for waterproofing



Absorbent Tiny Underwear
Boys' underwear carefully designed and home made to fit your baby like normal underwear.  The Y-front detail conceals the absorbent pad!
Also available with a PUL layer for waterproofing.


Split Crotch Fleece Trousers
These trousers are perfect for babies to be held for toiletting as you don't need to remove them, so making the whole process easier for you & less fussy for the little one.  Plus once your child is walking they can take themselves to the potty.
The fleece is warm, but also repels liquids.
Available in cream or multicoloured stripes
*New colour - Scarlet Red*


Fleece Trousers
These fleece trousers can be made to go over real nappies, or straight cut for babies out of nappies.  They're great and warm and simple.
Available in cream or multicoloured stripes
*New colour - Scarlet Red*


I am so excited to be able to offer you the nature friendly BecoPotty.  Not only is it a great low potty for very little people, but its entirely made from plant materials reclaimed from farming AND will biodegrade when you have finished with it! Perfect!


Organic Wool Leg Warmers
Hand knitted from Organic Merino Wool, these leg warmers are warm and soft and natural.
*Now available in 2 sizes!*
Small - for new babies and smaller babies
Medium - for a larger baby and toddler


Night Gown
Whether you opt for nappyless or not, these gowns make night-time much easier for you and your baby, whilst still keeping them warm in bed.  No fussing with poppers or baby-grows.  Just slide the hem up and your baby is ready for a potty-tunity or a nappy change.
Note:  I don't make an X Small nightgown; I think the Small is fine for newborns up to about 6 months

*Best Seller* Waterproof Baby Mat

These mats are made from 2 layers of lovely soft towelling with a PUL backing so they are waterproof, but can still be machine washed and dried.  They're great to put under a sleeping baby or a feeding baby or even just a playing baby!  The standard size of
 60cm x 60cm is small enough to carry with you.

*New - Now available in a larger size:  60cm x 75cm.*
Additional option of a fleece top layer to keep baby dry.

60cm x 60cm - £12.00
With fleece layer -

60cm x 75cm - £15.00
With fleece layer -

Washable Wipes
Soft wipes for bottoms, which can be machine washed and dried.  You can choose between cotton, fleece or towelling.  They are pico-stitched over the edge to stop fraying, and they come in a pack of 10, tied with ribbon



Bamboo nappies
Bamboo real nappies from LittleLamb.  They are much more absorbent than cotton, so are less bulky and they're super soft.  Size small can fit from newborn to 20lbs.  The next size fits up to 38lbs.  The smaller size also has a removeable pad to reduce bulk for a tiny baby.

Ecoboo Organic Cotton Clothing

Ecoboo make these wonderful outfits from organic cotton which is lovely and soft and in neutral colours.  The shirts have a tab on each side that can attach to buttons in the waistband of the trousers to make a type of all-in-one, but with easy access to nappies or bottoms.  Do bear in mind that they come up a little on the large side

Top: £14.95  Trousers:
Set: £23.00


Cutie Pants
Girls' underwear made to be just like ordinary underwear
Available in Pure White, or Pink with White Edging
£2.50 or
2 pack for £4.50


Baby Boxers
Big Boy Pants!  But in tiny boy size
Available in Navy or White
2.50 or
4.50 for a 2 pack


Bright Bots Trainer Pants
This pull on pant has a foam wadding gusset with a PVA layer to minimise any little accidents.  Following colours available subject to stock: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple - subject to my stock.
Please check the notes in the Sizing Guide as Bright Bots differ slightly.


Bright Bots Terry Squares

The famous Bright Bots Terry Squares are not only useful as nappies but as cheery play mats, liners for your sling or car seat and for clean up.  Multicoloured pack of 6.

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